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Endless Myth is looking for new adult members of all classes and levels. We are a casual, friendly guild who gather in Norrath to enjoy its endless content. We are a new guild which just reached level 10 but are looking to be able to offer more to our members as we grow. As our membership grows in size and numbers we will begin to also have small instance runs etc. We are always up for helping others complete quests. 

      If you agree with our standards and want to join our ranks please feel free to apply and or speak with Ailment, Sizle, or Rorri in game.

Thanks for stopping by,
Guild News

Rorri Ends Up Crab Food

Sizle, Apr 11, 12 10:45 AM.

Estate of Unrest

Sizle, Apr 5, 12 5:53 PM.
Completed Estate of Unrest today and I was pleasently suprized. There were moments of chuckles and out bursts of Awesome!!! Spending so much time here in EQ1 this was a major nostolgic event.

Are AA's really that important? Rorri thinks so...

Sizle, Mar 27, 12 11:15 AM.
Rorri has taken the low level AA burning to an all new high


Endless Myth obtains level 10

Sizle, Mar 24, 12 12:57 AM.
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